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Specialist Oncology Massage

If you've recently received Oncology treatment, massage can help reduce nausea and pain, and improve your sleep. Call Ellen on 07854 750 749 and see how she can help.

Oncology Massage is a hands-on therapy to help reduce nausea, pain, neuropathy and improve a sense of well-being.

Oncology Massage is a modified massage technique allowing us to work with the complications of cancer and cancer treatments.

Most individuals in active treatment, in recovery, or beyond, as well as those on end-of-life care can benefit from massage from a specially-trained Therapist.

The benefits of Oncology Massage include:

improved relaxation and sleep

relieves anxiety and pain

helps to reduce fatigue and nausea

promotes a general sense of well-being

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"Getting a massage from a therapist who understands my healing stages and my cancer treatment has been invaluable and provided non-clinical contact."

CM, May 2023

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