Pain is either actual or potential tissue damage in the body, and is the body’s way of letting you know there is a problem now or likely to occur. At FlexBack we want to reduce your pain and allow you to return to normal activity as soon as possible.

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Suffering from muscle pain?

Our assessment, personalised treatment and rehab plan will help to manage your pain. 

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Experiencing post-surgery scar pain?

There's lots we can do to improve movement and scar tension and pain.

Work headaches or neck pain?

Our assessment, personalised treatment and rehab plan will help to manage your pain. 

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Considered post-cancer treatment?

We specialise in Oncology massage for post-Chemo and Radiotherapy treatment.

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Whether you are an elite sports person recovering from injury or preparing for a big event; a keen amateur runner with a few niggles; an office worker with a stiff neck and headaches; or a mum with a stiff back or shoulder – FlexBack will create a bespoke treatment and rehabilitation programme to suit your needs.


Some our specific techniques used during massage sessions include


Neuromuscular Technique or Trigger Point Therapy

An assessment and treatment system to relieve pain by releasing trigger points and resetting the neurological pathway between the brain and the muscle, allowing the muscle to return to normal function.


Soft Tissue Release

An advanced technique, particularly beneficial to anyone who maintains static posture for long periods. Office workers and drivers who sit in the same position will often have muscle tension and pain in the shoulder, neck and back. Soft Tissue Release can alleviate pain by stretching the muscle fibres, tendons and fascia, easing pain and re-aligning the muscle fibres so that the muscle can function optimally.


Muscle Energy Techniques

Often used for clients with muscle tightening or shortening. Muscle Energy Technique uses isometric and isotonic muscle contraction to improve musculoskeletal function, mobilise joints where movement is restricted and improve circulation.


Connective Tissue Massage

A special technique aimed at the layer between the skin and the muscle. Tension here can restrict the nutrient supply to the muscles and affect the elasticity of the connective tissue. When tension builds here adhesions can form, between the layers, which will restrict movement. Connective Tissue Massage breaks apart any adhesions resulting in relaxation and improved circulation.


Strapping and Taping

The brightly coloured tape that elite athletes sometimes wear at major sporting events, when applied by an approved and knowledgable user can offer several benefits for the individual. It can be used to support weak or injured muscles; it can activate muscles that have been weakened after an injury or surgery and improve the speed and quality of recovery. It assists in stabilising the area, relax overstrained muscles, reduce pain and oedema and help prevent reinjury.